Kilim Patchwork / Blog
Kilim Patchwork son alfombras hechas a mano que se forman uniendo Kilim nuevos y antiguos, alforjas y piezas carpas nómadas. Estas se cortan en piezas más pequeñas y se cosen en diferentes motivos, creando alfombras únicas e increíbles, perfectas tanto...
VM+Print by Fran Holzapfel: Infinite Design / Tell Magazine
Customize spaces and achieve dream environments. That is the premise of wall papers, an undisputed trend in terms of decoration, papers with a 3D effect, textured or vinyl. And also hand-painted on silk. The offer is wide and the possibilities are endless.
The Reinvention of VM+Print / ED Magazine
A comienzos de este año, VM+Print abrió las puertas de su nueva oficina y showroom, lanzó nuevas marcas, renovada página web y reinauguró la fábrica de impresiones, ahora con la más alta tecnología en la industria. Su dueña e impulsora; Fran Holzapfel, ya celebra los excelentes resultados financieros y el gran impacto de estos cambios en sus nuevos y antiguos clientes. 
Little Girl Piece by Fran Holzapfel / Casa FOA
It is a great challenge to be in the most important exhibition in Latin America" says Fran Holzapfel. Her project has a lot of scenography, but this graphic and interior designer did not want something rigid, but that everyone who was going to enter the space could feel something.
Innovation and Style / ED Magazine
In Chile no one had thought to go further in the wall paper market, until Fran Holzapfel decided to create a visionary brand with its own designs and market them per square meter." The trends of 2019 are very marked, they can be found in TINTHAS, the new of VM+PRINT. 
Recognition of the Association of Luxury Brands / Cosas Lujo Magazine
Thank you Cosas Lujo Magazine and the Association of Luxury Brands, for trusting us and choosing our "Alhambra" WALLPAPER design for your COVER!
The Shibori technique / By Fran Holzapfel
Shibori is a Japanese fabric dyeing technique that dates back to the 8th century AD. Shibori means "block dyed". Today it is still done, in a wide variety of colors generating different patterns, but the traditional color is indigo blue.
Flor de Arte / Collaboration with COANIL
Interior design company prepares a new line of products that will benefit the children of COANIL Betting on innovative design in decorative paper and fabrics is the premise of VM Print, a company supported by Incubatec UFRO and specialized in interior design, which will be developed in conjunction with the Corporation for the Help of Disabled Children, COANIL.
A Place to Capture Ideas / ED Magazine
In Chile no one had thought to go further in the wall paper market, until Fran Holzapfel decided to create a visionary brand with his own designs and market them per square meter. They were the pioneers in Chile.
Decoration For All Tastes / MasDeco Magazine
Continuous Mural for the decorator Victoria Román The guest bathrooms reflect a bit of what the rest of the house is; For the same reason, when hers was built, she made sure that this space was bright and that it had a small receipt.