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 "In Chile no one had thought to go further in the wall paper market, until Fran Holzapfel decided to create a visionary brand with its own designs and market them per square meter"

 The trends of 2019 are very marked, they can be found in TINTHAS, the new VM+PRINT. Decorators will find everything for their projects, from houses and offices, to pockets, real estate, clinics and much more.



On the right, the service makes the difference in the industry, which is why the advice provided by Fran Holzapfel and Francisca Oyanendel is the key in the development of ideas.


They have already marked and completely renewed the industry for more than 15 years, in addition to receiving several awards in Chile and abroad. The last one was presented by the President at the Palacio de la Moneda, as the woman who most successfully capitalized on a Corfo project in recent years.


"Most of my inspirations come from traveling around the world, voyages and adventures where I have known places and diverse cultures"

Account Fran Holzapfel


Her environment defines her as a globetrotter who is always looking for the latest trends, passionate about design and in a constant search for new materials and products for the brand she founded and leads.

With its constant spirit of innovation, the brand is preparing for the next arrival of new base papers. This, added to Fran's designs, will undoubtedly be a revolution for the industry. Natural fibers, gold and silver bases, linens, silks and other textures will gradually form part of VM+PRINT over the next two months.

With all of the above, the brand seeks to be the preferred place for decorators and people looking for a unique result and space.


New from walldress & co.

After a long process of searching and studying new textures, plus creations by great designers from Europe and Asia, the premium and high-quality brand TINTHAS was born. Boutique in wall covering with wallpaper, with an invaluable artistic value, subtle designs and rich colors.


"Our inspiration in development was to complement the traditions with something contemporary. It is an art wallpaper with predefined patterns, using silk or cotton as the main raw material. The designs with broderie and the hand-painted ones stand out"

Fran Holzapfel affirmed

Tinthas was created with a very own and distinctive imprint. His style is out of the ordinary, encompassing various types of style: classic, alternative, daring, demure and avant-garde. In each collection you will find inspirations from different cultures, decades of art and music, travels around the world, which will inevitably mark your identity once it fully comes to light and is launched in Chile. 

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