Para medir correctamente tus muros puedes guiarte con las imágenes que te mostramos a continuación.

Siempre envíanos las medidas en ancho x alto idealmente en centímetros.

Si estás inseguro con tus medidas o el espacio es muy complejo, contáctate con nosotros y podemos coordinar una visita.

With a measuring tape (winch or tape measure), measure as step number 1, the width of your wall and then the height (Example: 3.5 meters x 2.4 meters), in the event that you plan to install in more than one wall, repeat this process.

If you have a wall with a door and/or windows, and it is not clear to you how you have to take the measurements, contact us and send us a photograph of your walls (walls).

If you do not identify your wall within these examples, always measure your wall (wall) from the widest and tallest part. If you are not sure, ask for our on-site measurement service or online and telephone assistance.

In the event that your window has an opening towards the inside, it is very important that you notify us, to avoid having later problems.


If you can't imagine how the mural (wallpaper) you chose for your wall will look like or you are undecided between one design or another, send us a photo, as centered as possible, ideally with all the elements (sofas, beds, chairs, etc. ..) are in place, so you can view photomontages at no additional cost.

NOTE: Do not forget to send the SKU of the chosen wallpaper designs, it is essential to be able to carry out the photomontage.

Option 1.

Option 2.