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"In Chile no one had thought of going further in the wall paper market, until Fran Holzapfel decided to create a visionary brand with its own designs and market them per square meter."

They were the pioneers in Chile. With more than 15 years of experience in the market and after dedicating himself to visual merchandising, the production, printing and design of shop windows for large wallpaper retail brands, Francisca Holzapfel decided to consolidate the VM+PRINT brand and complement it with the textile area.

That was what led her to import from Italy the first digital printing machine for textiles, unique in Chile. Thus, they were able to develop a Deco Home line, which complements the wall paper line. Shower curtains, cushions and anti-stain tablecloths are just some of the things they started doing. They also developed other areas such as lining walls, large-format stretchers, pen covers, large installations for exhibitions, among others. They didn't stop there. 

When a brand had already been consolidated, they formed an elite line, with exclusive designs for decorators from Chile, Peru, Brazil and Spain.

"Today there are several brands that are dedicated to the same thing. I am proud that the idea proved to be a good one and our call for independent designers was successful."
dice Fran crabapple

Detail of Papel Mural 2446 Luxury Art and Texture and Alhambra


At VM+PRINT they have formed a great team, which is characterized by its concern for clients and by reviewing each project with detail and efficiency. Its objective is that people can rest in them; and only in one place, they can develop and carry out all their ideas, whether it is a pilot project, a hotel decoration project or any space in a house.

For this, they have the advice of Fran Holzapfel for design and interior design projects, with Francisca Oyanedel, project manager, in charge of large-scale work for companies, decorators and clients, and Elena Potter, who goes to the houses to advising on wall papers and accessories.     

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