La Reinvención de VM+Print / Revista ED

The Reinvention of VM+Print / ED Magazine

Earlier this year, VM+Print opened the doors of its new office and showroom, launched new brands, revamped its website and reopened its printing factory, now with the highest technology in the industry. Its owner and promoter; Fran Holzapfel is already celebrating the excellent financial results and the great impact of these changes on his new and old clients. His design studio is a place where creativity is worked on strategically.





The last 18 years have been a path of exploration and development in business areas for Fran Holzapfel, who has been present in retail and now stands out even more in the world of decoration. This designer consolidated her trajectory and innovation in the wallpaper industry, just as it was years ago in the textile sector, and managed to differentiate herself from everything that is being done. Without a doubt, it is a pioneer in taking the wallpaper industry to a level that was unthinkable for our country, and it is still something new in Latin America. As Coco Chanel said, "fashion expires, but style never".

VM+Print announced with great fanfare its transformation, which resulted in achieving the goal set, which was to recover the positioning and innovation it had years ago. The goal was to once again be a leader in the industry, which is now a reality thanks to the work with her great team, where María Francisca Oyanedel stands out, a great partner in her business adventures.

The new holding company VM+Print adopted its mother brand as its name. In addition to continuing the line of wall papers designed by Fran and her design team, under the VM+Print brand, new brands such as: Prints & Rugs Company, Wall & Art Gallery and Tinthas stand out.

This commercial strategy has allowed the company to participate in new challenges, and generate synergy between the same brands and businesses, providing customers with a comprehensive solution to their needs.

Prints & Rugs Company are decovinyl rugs – a product developed and patented by Fran Holzapfel – that allow infinite uses, given their characteristics and design possibilities. Another brand that belongs to the new Holding is Wall & Art Gallery, which reaches the market with an aggressive commercial and design proposal. "The canvas and paintings industry will never be like before. In addition to our first collection, clients can develop, together with our design team, their own exclusive result, and even in large format", he says. Finally, the most exclusive brand, which can only be seen by invitation in a reserved space in the showroom, is Tinthas. The latter is made up of products imported from Asia, Africa and Europe, places that Fran visited on several occasions, until she found products that are practically impossible to obtain. "My adventurous spirit always moves me to look for new things. I travel very often, always thinking about what product I haven't seen and what I can innovate with in the markets I participate in with the different brands owned by my holding company VM+Print. An important example is that we are the only ones in the region to develop and manufacture tissue paper with personalized designs and delivery in 5 business days, which we are already exporting and which has been a hit among decorators who have dared."
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